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PSG response can i play in the alpha as european?

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by Prestere, Jan 7, 2014.

  1. Prestere

    Prestere New Member

    hey guys,

    i have a question:

    1. when im living in germany,
    can i still purchase a founders pack and access the landmark alpha from day one?

    2. if yes, do i play on european servers or american servers?

    3. if american servers, will i be able to switch my account to european servers once they exist?

    4. so my main question is: can i purchase a founders pack and play in the alpha from day one or do i need to be in "soe regions" to do so
  2. Cerunya

    Cerunya Community Manager

    Yes, you can indeed. You can purchase the Founder's Package you want over at the SOE page and start playing as soon as the alpha is available (at least with the Trailblazer one).

    As for switching your account: Landmark and EverQuest Next will be two different and separate games. There will be no European accounts for Landmark since we will not publish the game, so switching your account will not be necessary (or possible). When it comes to EQNext though, you definitely will have a European account.

    I hope that cleared things up a bit. You can also find a very nice and detailed explanation on everything concerning this topic in here.
  3. Syraleaf

    Syraleaf Active Member

    Oh Oh, how about lagg spickes? will they exist?
  4. EQNChris

    EQNChris Active Member

    Lag spikes shouldn't be an issue. The EU servers (going off the most recent release that's off the same setup: Planetside 2) are based over in the Netherlands and I get really minimal ping to them.
  5. Syraleaf

    Syraleaf Active Member

    Ooohhh wonderfull! i live in the Netherlands! <3! I guess they stand in Amsterdam !

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